Mobility Device

Carmen Papalia - Mobility Device, Santa Ana


Collaborative performance

In performances of Mobility Device, Carmen Papalia replaces his detection cane with an alternative system that serves his mobility as he explores an unfamiliar site or public space. In a 2015 performance at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Papalia replaced his cane with a BBC radio folley sound artist named Alison Craig. As Papalia explored the painting and sculpture galleries on the museum’s third floor, Craig drew from her vast collection of tools and techniques and produced physical sound effects that refered to aspects of the environment and work on display.

During the first iteration of Mobility Device in 2013 – realized during a creative residency at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana California – Papalia replaced his cane with the Great Centurion Marching Band from Century High School. Under the direction of R. Scott Devoe, band members indicated obstacles with musical cues as Papalia freely explored downtown Santa Ana and found his way into shops, restaurants, underground parking structures, and busy sidewalks and streets.

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